V2Kitties are 7000 adorable unique cuddly kitty NFTs under government sanctioned mind control on the Ethereum Blockchain!


Minting begins July 22nd at 3PM PST

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Dressed To Impress

Every V2Kitty has been getting inspired in the library and gotten all dressed up with 200+ unique traits to show off what they learned to all their feline friends.

Paws Together

Change Frequencies by participating in a community of forward thinking kitties determined to making positive change by creating a new type of charity.

Magnetically Intelligent

Our finest reading and science specialists have scoured the internet for the most interesting content to help educate their litters about Mind Control in the 21st century, all available for free in the V2Kitty Library.

Deeper... Deeeper...

Our social media and blog will provide science based tips, infographics, discoveries and press related to these mysterious phenomena and aims to provide some clarity in the static.

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The Gangs All Here!


Phase 1:

Main Sale

Don’t miss your chance to adopt your own unique V2Kitty companion on July 22nd by joining our discord and minting whitelist.

Phase 2:

Merch & Rewards

Every V2Kitty needs a fresh look. Get your look on point with exclusive merch and rewards proportional to the amount of V2Kitties you hold.

Phase 3:

Power Event

As a holder you will be airdropped 1 Tesla Coil per V2Kitty. You get to choose whether to flip the switch, but the outcome may have unforeseen consequences!

Phase 4:

Charitable Initiative

Development of novel DAO based charitable distribution platform beginning with V2Voices as it’s first charity fund partner.

Decentralized Charitable Platform

The long term vision for V2Kitties is the V2Voices Charitable intuitive that will be featured on a scratch made DAO based platform (Name & Release TBD) that will allow for discreet donations to smaller and often underserved organizations and causes anonymously.

Decentralized & Autonomous

Fair Distribution of Donations

Contribute Anonymously


Inspector Danglestar

“You’re under arrest!” Oh wait — no you aren’t… 

Danglestar’s power stems frohm an inquisitive hum and his ever present 5’0clock shadow. From Danglestar’s positive wavy attitude to his magnetic irony he radiates energy and light. Many long nights are spent walking barefoot by the waterfall observing prickly cacti, hiking vast resonating cavities & befriending evil ELFs to cheer up width… some people say he’s not one for directness but the truth is I AM! Danglestar has kicked artistic boots with some of the biggest names in entertainment, cannabis & crypto with his background in both the technical and arts corrals. 


V2Kitties are 7000 adorable unique cuddly kitty NFTs under government sanctioned mind control!

Each NFT has traits that demonstrate the different principles in which V2K is believed to operate upon or echo the struggles facing sufferers of this form of  covert surveillance and torture. 

Reports of V2k, Gangstalking, Targeted Harrassment and Remote Neural Monitoring have increased sharply in recent years and reports seem to indicate seems to be on sharp steady incline in prevelence and severity. V2Kitty NFTs are meant to not only educate but also to help raise awareness but to also bring some semblance of normalcy and legitimacy to the lives of those effected by these Directed Energy Weapons.

As suffers are often written off as mentally ill, people consistently find themselves being ostracized while their lives crumble before their eyes. Often times families and friends of the targeted individual will begin to distance themselves leaving the effected even further from the help and support they truly need.

Through this art project and accompanying initiative we hope to add legitimacy to  claims and accounts of sufferers as well as provide resources for writers, healthcare professionals and scientists to educate themselves on what is possible with todays understanding of the sciences so that suffers can begin to be taken seriously and get the support and peace they seek free of stigma.

In addition to the NFT we want to foster a thriving community of forward thinkers, and educators. We are doing this with our V2Voices Charitable Initiatives, Discord Community, The Scratching Post Blog and our Library.

Minting Starts July 22nd 2022 @ 3PM PST

  • Whitelist: 2000 V2Kitties will go up for whitelisted adoption at 1PM PST.
  • Main Sale: The remaining kitties will begin at 3PM PST on the same day.

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Get whitelisted by being early (OG Status) or referring you friends to our discord. More information and rules can be found in the #get-whitelist channel in our Discord

Minting a V2Kitty Costs 0.05 ETH each including the current gas fee for the transaction.

To Adopt a V2Kitty grab some Ethereum on your favorite exchange (Coinbase, Crypto.com, Kucoin etc).

After you’ve gotten some ETH you’ll need a wallet to store it in. We use Metamask which makes the process of purchasing a V2Kitty very simple.

After you have atleast 0.5 ETH (plus some extra to cover a minor gas fee) in your wallet you can go to mint.v2kitties.com and adopt your V2Kitty or visit the collection on OpenSea after minting is finished and the project has sold out.

You own exclusive rights to your V2KittyNFT. You own the rights to remix, meme or frame and hang your V2Kitty in your moms living room to your hearts content. 

The Library

Demistify the mythical. Learn about spooky physics and radio.

Learn what is actually possible with todays understanding of science with our collection of curated links resulting from over a year of full-time research related to V2K (Voice To Skull) and other forms of alarming covert mind control, influence or surveillance. The truth is far stranger than fiction.