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All Things Radio, Electromagnetic & Spooky!

Here you will find a collection of 208 articles, papers and videos related to the spooky but very real phenomena known as V2K, Gang Stalking or “Havana Syndrome” that effects people who often refer to themselves as Targeted Individuals. Many plausible theories exist but exactly who is behind it or what it is, remains a mystery.

If you find this free resource useful, consider purchasing a V2Kitty NFT or donating to support the project. While I offer this curated library for free I ask that you please link to or reference my website and the respective authors of the works linked here.

Note: While some may be seeking all the available informative and groundbreaking information I have linked below, it may be overwhelming for some who just want a brief overview. I have compiled a TLDR of the “best of the best” here.

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